Branding and Web Design

Creating a digital solution to challenging technological biased system

PLAN International instituted Equality Tech advocacy initiative to boost gender equality in the technological workplace. We were entrusted with creating brand identity elements and an interactive website that depict Equality Tech’s vision, mission and objectives to raise awareness about the negative effects of a biased technological system


Discovery & Research

The project began with a discovery meeting with the PLAN team. We needed to fully understand the project’s goals, the success in-view, and the required steps to achieve these goals. We researched competitors to learn the current trends in the target market and find out the needs of the potential audiences by creating customer personas to represent different groups .


Creation of Logo Sketches

To symbolise the core purpose of Equality Tech, our design team incorporated speech marks into the designed logos using Figma, a simplified and effective tool that shows the design process in real time. The speech marks represent the initiative’s discourse and mission on gender equality in technology.

Brand Identity Guidelines

We provided the PLAN International and stakeholders with concise instructions on using brand identity elements to enhance brand visualisation across communication assets. Brand visualisation is vital for business and project growth, hence the need to maintain the positioning and usage of the designed logo, font and colour palette.

et bg


A simple one-page site was set up on the WordPress CMS using a responsive theme chosen by the client. We ensured key information about equality in technology were reviewed and approved before being published to the website.