Website Development

Providing linkages to relevant resources
through an open-source platform

NEST360 (UK) is a non-profit initiative founded by a group of medical experts in collaboration with UNICEF with the aim of eradicating preventable newborn deaths. We developed an open-source website to provide links to existing relevant educational resources and to establish an engaging, dynamic learning experience using a variety of media formats.

User Flow

User interface design

To achieve Nest360’s key objectives of adopting and simplifying tools to support in-country data production, our design team created user-interface layouts for the website using Figma, an interface design tool. This tool was chosen due to its concise capabilities in facilitating the deployment of designs on the website. Figma is essential for project design because it aids in the stages of planning, execution, wireframing, and prototyping when creating an adaptable user interface.

wireframes N360

WordPress development

Nest360’s website was created with the PHP stack and the WordPress CMS (Content Management System). We used REST API endpoints to provide a smooth flow of information exchange between WordPress and the frontend. The WordPress admin dashboard was created to ensure the smooth upload and management of content displayed to website visitors on the frontend.

Toolkit Integration

We created post types for each toolkit based on the information provided by the client. Each post type serves as a category that distinguishes one tool from another. We divided the toolkits into three sections for proper tool linking: reading, tools, and in-practice.