Branding and Mobile App Development

Leveling the playing field for all parties in the
ride-hailing industry

It’s becoming difficult to derive value and satisfaction in a saturated ride-hailing industry, where individuals need to explore various ride-hailing apps to meet their mobility needs. To alleviate the stress of opening and switching between different ride-hailing platforms, comparing waiting times and fees, we created Whichride – an all-in-one mobile app and web platform that allows people to access all existing ride-hailing platforms and local taxi firms in a single app.


User Experience Research

We began with understanding Whichride’s project scope and the ultimate goal of the product. Upon completing the variables involved in the scope, we conducted user and market research to find out the pain points of prospective users and existing competitors, using the information to build Whichride.


User Interface Design

To understand the functionality of Whichride, our design team mapped out features according to the insights derived from our research. The features were reviewed to ensure that Whichride is easy, simple and convenient to use.

Figma was used for this stage, with an integrated prototyping tool that enabled us to create a dummy application which was vital in our user-centred development. Thorough design iterations were conducted to ensure Whichride is user-focused and meets the expectations of our client.

Iterative Development and Testing

API support research was conducted to ensure we were on track, to see if existing ride-hailing platforms had APIs (Application Programming Interface) that could be integrated on Whichride’s app to expose their services to users on Whichride.

On completing this research, our development team used Kotlin as the programming language, while Android Studio was the ideal model review platform. Kotlin was the preferred language because it is programmer-friendly, and the recommended language to build native android applications by Google. Whichride’s features were tested by the team to ensure the product aligned with the overall project goal.

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