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As we prepare for the upcoming International Women’s Day in March 2024, we engage in insightful conversations with women in technology who have significantly contributed to Studio14 through their expertise. This article delves into Jennifer Onuogu’s compelling narrative, a highly skilled [Quality Assurance] QA Engineer at Studio14, providing profound insights into each phase of her professional journey. Let’s dive in!

Q: What was the starting point of your career in tech?

I began my journey when a friend recommended different roles, and Quality Assurance [QA] Testing caught my attention. After learning that QA testing involves overseeing software developers, my friend humorously described it as a role in which I can “humble” developers. This intrigued me, considering the confidence of many developers I knew. I decided to explore QA testing, and now I find satisfaction in ensuring the quality of software products.

Q: What inspired you to pursue a career as a QA Engineer?

I became a Quality Assurance Engineer due to my problem-solving mindset and dedication to ensuring software excellence. I take satisfaction in preventing defects, enhancing the user experience, and collaborating with developers to create robust solutions.

Q: What does a typical workday look like for you as a  QA Engineer?

As a QA Engineer, my daily tasks include planning and executing test cases, collaborating with developers, conducting regression testing, and documenting findings. I prioritise effective communication and stay updated on industry trends. My focus each day is on ensuring software quality and maintaining effective teamwork.

Q: Have you faced any challenges as a woman in tech, and how did you overcome them?

Yes, I have. I had challenges in developing my skills owing to the fact that I had limited technical experience; had a hard time understanding the product development processes, and how to communicate with developers. To overcome these hurdles, I acquired technical skills through training and certifications, closely collaborated with development teams to understand processes, and improved communication skills. Embracing continuous learning and participating in Agile methodologies were key factors in addressing these challenges.

Q: Do specific experiences or moments stand out in your journey so far?

One notable moment in my career was achieving my first technical certification, affirming my proficiency in the field. Additionally, collaborating with a diverse development team on a challenging project stands out as a memorable experience.

Another significant moment involved a project focused on comprehensive testing of a client’s WordPress website. This opened me up to the complex parts of WordPress, exploring plugins, themes, and customisation options. Even though I encountered a few challenges, I  executed test cases covering various scenarios, addressing user interactions and backend processes. This experience not only honed my WordPress testing skills but also provided insights into web development, user experience, and troubleshooting common issues in a WordPress environment.

Q: Are there some women in tech that inspire you, and why?

Definitely! Kelechi Oduocha contributes extensive knowledge and experience to our team at Studio14, showcasing a commitment to excellence in her work. Her dedication to fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment is noteworthy.  Kelechi encourages me to be open to communication and values input from every team member, significantly influencing my professional growth through her commitment to collaboration, dedication to quality, and mentorship.

Ibironke Yekini is another woman who inspires me. Despite her busy schedule, Ibironke Yemisi consistently sets aside time to train and mentor young Quality Assurance professionals.

Q: What advice do you have for women aspiring to start a career in tech?

Always embrace your individuality. Recognise the value your individuality brings to problem-solving and innovation.  Be open minded, be ready to learn , unlearn and relearn.

This is not the stopping point for Jennifer. Jennifer looks forward to further excelling and expanding her knowledge and experience in a workplace that promotes inclusivity and diversity, such as Studio14

Recognising the significance of mentorship for women in tech, Jennifer advices women who are enthusiastic about starting a career in tech, to seek guidance, embracing support, and leverage networking opportunities.

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